MediCall is a video calling tool specifically developed for the health care sector. With this service you can initiate a video call with fellow health care workers and patients, and they with you.

MediCall distinguishes itself from other video calling tools by means of the following points:

medicall_doctor1. The application and the connection are well secured (application lock and SSL connection), meaning it’s especially suitable to transfer confidential medical information. Inmote also works on secure communication solutions for the military. Comparable security technology has been implemented in MediCall.

2. During the video call a picture can also be taken. The quality of this picture is the same as that of the camera of the smartphone. It must be emphasized that this is not a frame from the video stream. These frames are of a much lower quality. The picture can be sent to the conversation partner during the actual conversation. This kind of photo material is very well suited for documentation of the discussed medical case and can be added to the EHR/EMR.

3. MediCall makes use of the principle of closed user groups (CUG). This means that you can determine in advance who can be called with the app. Non-authorized individuals are thus excluded from gaining access to medical records through MediCall.

4. MediCall has been developed in constant cooperation with the field. So you won’t find any useless features, but only what’s really necessary. This has resulted in a very easy to use app, so that anybody can use MediCall for video calling.

Inmote MedTech is synonymous with custom made solutions with excellent support. Inmote MedTech has a lot of experience with laws and regulation in health care because of our wound care activities. Privacy and security can safely be put in our hands.