Custom software solutions

Inmote is a Dutch provider of high quality mobile & cloud outsourcing development services. We specialize in custom software solutions including mobile, cloud, back end integration, device creation and embedded applications.

We are experts in using C/C++ and Java to create native mobile applications for iOS, Android, Blackberry, HTML5 and Windows Phone (smartphones and tablets).

Further competences include Microsoft and J2EE technologies (Spring), PHP/AJAX, many sorts of databases, protocols (VOIP, SIP, BT, WiFi, SyncML, SOAP, HTTPS), codecs and low level development for the creation of embedded or medical devices.

Inmote invests in cutting edge technologies like artificial intelligence, computer vision, RFID, M2M, sensoring and barcoding.

We live to excel in places of complexity and places full of challenges. Our service goes way beyond the creation of only a mobile application. We develop complete products including the creation of cloud applications and integration of existing backend systems.

Inmote allows customers to avoid hidden management problems related to offshore and near shore solutions. Our delivery model exists of a unique mixture of onsite and offsite development with direct onsite interaction between you and our lead developers. Our approach is always pragmatic and aligned with your business objectives.

We help at all stages from wireframes to deployment. Inmote provides full project execution using a local in house team of developers plus a graphical and interaction designer.

Feel free to contact us for more information.