Ruggedized handheld PDAs

Inmote has experience to develop and maintain software for ruggedized handheld PDAs with integrated barcode scanning. These devices mostly run Windows Mobile or Android. Inmote works with all major mobile and web technologies ensuring you a modern, flexible and extendable enterprise application.

Among others supported brands include Intermec, Pidion, DataLogic, Opticon and Nexteq Navigation.

Inmote sells new and refurbished PDAs, tablets, mobile printers and barcode scanners. We also offer support and repair services. We help to select the right PDA for the job. This can be especially difficult when you are working in harsh conditions like a cold store or in harzardous environments (requirement for ATEX certified equipment).

Inmote provides software imaging services (auto boot of dedicated apps from micro SD card) and device management solutions from SOTI and AirWatch.

Of course Inmote will orchestrate your PDA deployment in detail and has excellent partners to install all equipment into your trucks and service vehicles.