Heuven PCA and PCA Mobile

Photo of René Heuven

René Heuven

René Heuven starts as entrepreneur in 1994 by founding a company named ‘Heuven PCA’. Heuven, who just graduated in Computer Science at the University of Twente, establishes his so-called garage company in the attic of his parental home. He programs on Psion handhelds for the EPOC platform. When Psion’s software division is sold to Nokia, EPOC changes to EPOC5. Later EPOC5 becomes Symbian OS (the operating system for the succesful Nokia S60 smartphone strategy).

After 6 years of excellent work in field service solutions, PCA Mobile becomes official Symbian Training Partner (STP). The Symbian platform has grown rapidly and is supported by Nokia and many other manufacturers like Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Panasonic. Platform developers from all manufacturers benefit from the training courses offered by PCA Mobile. PCA Mobile is headed by René Heuven as CTO and as Symbian trainer.

PCA Mobile and the establishment of Inmote

The Series 60 platform of Nokia becomes very popular and knowledge of Symbian OS becomes a must in the smartphone market. Along with Digia from Finland PCA Mobile is a leading Symbian OS training provider in Europe. The training courses are not only popular in Europe: Apart from requests from Germany, Finland and Hungary PCA Mobile travels to more exotic places like Taiwan to provide Symbian OS training for the R&D department of Quanta Computer Inc.

Years pass and the interests within PCA Mobile begin to shift. It is the right moment for René Heuven to push his limits. He leaves the company and establishes Inmote. The name reflects what René has been doing all his life: ‘Into Mobile Technology’. In previous years René Heuven acted as project manager, architect, lead developer, consultant and trainer. By establishing Inmote he now plans on offering Symbian OS training courses on a more frequent basis without getting in the way of PCA Mobile. Inmote is welcomed at the offices of Sony Ericsson in Sweden and Symbian Software Ltd in London. Both introduces Inmote to a wide range of contacts in the telecom market.

The new company Inmote quickly gets into international business and contributes to challenging projects. At Teleca Germany Inmote contributes to the Symbian OS based Nokia N-Gage gaming platform. Furthermore Inmote runs training courses right from its start in 2007 for Teleca (Poland and Germany), Freescale (India) and CCC Software (Hungary).

Inmote becomes an Accredited Symbian Developer Partner

In 2008 Inmote qualifies as Accredited Symbian Developer Partner. This allows Inmote to take exams and to certify other developers. There is a huge demand as Symbian OS is still going strong. Inmote offers training courses in Brazil (Venturus), Tel Aviv (LogTel) and closer to home in Poland and Germany (Teleca).

At the end of 2008 Motorola and Sony Ericsson leave Symbian and opt for Android. Along with the banking crisis the demand for training diminishes, but Inmote manages to find new markets for its expertise. For example in software development projects for a client that develops secure mobile communication solutions.

Occassionally Inmote provides Symbian OS trainings, but Inmote is also investing in new mobile platforms. The company is now located in Nijverdal and recruits developers who are specialized in BlackBerry, Android and iOS. Soon René has gathered a small group of versatile developers employable on various platforms. Depending on customer demand, developers work on projects individually or together in a small team.

Inmote expands

Photo of the Inmote office in Enschede.

Office in Enschede

In 2012, Inmote opens an office in Düsseldorf, to establish itself in the German market. In the Nijverdal office, installation company Alysgo joins the premises. The two companies agree on collaboration on upcoming projects. Inmote develops the software, Alysgo delivers the hardware and carries out the installation. The following months are characterized by new projects, as well as a new location. Inmote moves to Enschede, and Alysgo comes along. The location is excellent for both employees and customers. Right across the University of Twente, close to main roads.

Medio 2013, Alysgo and Inmote decide to go on apart from each other. Alysgo’s office moves to Almelo. From that time on, Inmote focuses on health care. The company gets hold of some valuable innovations, and knows to excel at various boot camps and innovation awards. Simplicity, together with a good story, opens doors to the health sector for Inmote.

At the start of 2014, sister company Inmote MedTech is established. Associate Bart Groothuijze is at the helm of this. Inmote MedTech soon gains awareness at large health institutions in the Netherlands and in Germany. By starting off from one concept together, the companies approach the market with strength. This will prove itself in the oncoming years!